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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-DTU100
Panasonic KX-DTU100 Digital Communication TerminalWould you Like to Improve work efficiency at your assisted living facility by communicating. The Panasonic KX-DTU100 is a Digital Communication Terminal that provides rapid but smooth communications in the assited combination with the Panasonic C..
Grandstream GS-GXP2170 Grandstream GS-GXP2170
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Brand: Panasonic Model: GS-GXP2170
Grandstream GS-GXP2170 Enterprise IP PhoneThe GXP2170 is a powerful High-End IP phone that is ideal for busy users who handle high call volumes. Receptionists, administrators, sales staff and other call-intensive rolls  can enjoy efficiency by utilizing the GXP2170’s 12 line keys, 4.3 inch colo..
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Brand: Panasonic Model: 8ESIU-S1
NEC DSX40 DX7NA-8ESIU-S1 Digital Station Card 1091002 DSX 40 8 Port ESIU (Refurbished)Refurbished (In Good Condition)Return not AcceptedPrice $450.00..
$450.00 $460.00
Panasonic KX-DT546-B Digital Telephone
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-DT546-B
Panasonic KX-DT546-B 24 Button 6-Line Backlit LCD Display Digital Telephone.LC Display GraphicLCD size (dots WxH) 242x109LCD Contrast 4 LevelsLCD BacklitDesk mount tilt (2 positions)Wall mount KX-A433 (Optional)Dimensions High: 267 x 170 x 180mm, Low: 267 x 187 x 155mmHandse..
Panasonic KX-DT680-B Digital Telephone Panasonic KX-DT680-B Digital Telephone
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-DT680-B
Panasonic KX-DT680-B Digital Telephone with 4.3" Color DisplayNext-generation digital proprietary telephone, with a 4.3" color back-lit display, 12 x 4 pages of programmable keys, and full duplex speakerphone with an upright & sleek design.4.3" Color LCD with backlighting12 x 4 freely programmab..
Panasonic KX-HDV430-B SIP Phone Panasonic KX-HDV430-B SIP Phone
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-HDV430-B
Panasonic KX-HDV430-B Sip Phone Telephone with Integrated Camera The Panasonic KX-HDV430 standard SIP phone offers streamlined functions and the high definition voice quality that’s essential for effective communication.Features:Video Communication4.3 inch Backlight LCD DisplayColour Touch Disp..
Panasonic KX-HDV800 SIP Conference Phone Panasonic KX-HDV800 SIP Conference Phone
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-HDV800
Panasonic KX-HDV800 SIP Conference PhoneThe KX-HDV800 SIP Conference phone offers crystal-clear voice quality and HD audio, for a seamless meeting experience.KEY FEATURESHigh Quality Sound with Omnidirectional Mic.Designated Smartphone AppConference Recording to SD CardUsable as an audio device for ..
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-NCP1180
Panasonic KX-NCP1180 4-Port Analog Trunk Card LCOT4 (USED)Panasonic KX-NCP1180 is a 4 port analog CO line card with caller ID (FSK/DTMF) and 1 power failure transfer (PFT) port, to enable connection to standard analogue (PSTN) telephone lines. The card is specifically designed for KX-NCP conver..
Panasonic KX-NS0112 VoIP DSP Card L-Type
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-NS0112
Panasonic KX-NS0112 VoIP DSP Card L-TypeVoIP DSP Card (M type) (DSP M)Digital signal processor cardCompliant with ITU-T G.729A and G.711 codecsProvides 254 resourcesInstall up to 2 on mother boardUse with NS1000 system..
Panasonic KX-NS5180 6-Port Analog Trunk Card
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-NS5180
Panasonic KX-NS5180 6-Port Analog Trunk CardDesigned for use with network servers Panasonic KX-NS700 and their extensions KX-NS720.Allows the connection of an additional six external analog lines (maximum 48 lines).Built-in Caller ID on all ports with a standard FSK and DTMF.Built-in reverse polarit..
Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-NSA010W
Panasonic KX-NSA010W CTI - Thin Client Client Server Connection LicenseThin Client Client Server Connection(License)License Valid only for Phone System Bought in USA.To install this license you should to contact a panasonic Technician Certified in your phone system mode..
Panasonic KX-NSX2000 Panasonic KX-NSX2000
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Brand: Panasonic Model: KX-NSX2000
Panasonic KX-NSX2000 Business Communications Server Our communication styles continue to change over the years. When only analogue communication was available, each phone line was assigned a specific telephone number. If the user moved and wanted to keep the same number, it was necessary ..
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